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for Property and Management
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Holmes, LLC. Reliable Destination for Property and Management, Best Services in our regional areas, please contact soon...

Holmes, LLC - Team

Is a leader in multifamily property management. Without a doubt, the cornerstone of our success is our people and referral.


Our management team possesses a wealth of experience, depth of subject knowledge and professional discipline—and is thoroughly dedicated to providing timely, practical and innovative solutions to successfully address any real estate challenge.

Why Choose Holmes Properties and Management to Manage Your Properties

1. Protection of your investment
2. Maintenance staff with years of experience
3. Personal service
4. Preventive measures taken
5. Best Value for your money


Our Latest Projects

Services Offered

  • Home Inspection inside and out
  • Lawn Care
  • Pest Control
  • Rent Collection
  • Fixing Repairs and more

Your investments is your ticket to your safety and your future.


Regionalize Law & Order
We ensure your rights and investments are protected at all time.


Company Profile

Holmes Properties and Management provide complete professional quality rental and management services to benefit everyone's needs.
We strive to obtain the highest rate of return on an investment while assuring all around quality services.


"Throughout my rental history, he is the best that we've ever had.
So I will encourage anyone who rents from him, you cannot find a more blessed and loving person than Mr. Holmes. Anything that needs to be done around the home, I guarantee that he will get the job done. . " Read More

Quality Insurance

Holmes Properties and Management LLC believe in professional work done right by certified personnel at an economical price.
Work done right the first time saves everyone involved time and money.