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for Property and Management
Holmes, LLC. Reliable Destination for Property and Management


March 23, 2013

To Whom This May Concern:
My name is Mrs. T. M.
My self and family has been renting our home from Mr. Holmes for 5 years and I cannot began to tell you how much and how it has truly been a blessing to have Mr. Holmes as our rental person. Mr. Holmes has truly been there for us through it all. To me and my family, Mr. Holmes has been the best rental man that we have ever known. Throughout my rental history, he is the best that we've ever had. So I will encourage anyone who rents from him, you cannot find a more blessed and loving person than Mr. Holmes. Anything that needs to be done around the home, I guarantee that he will get the job done. No matter what the case maybe, he will be there for you. Any time, any hour, any day considers it done. I personally would like to thank Mr. Holmes for everything that he has ever done for us. Once again, "He is the best!"

Thank you,


Eric, you are the greatest Landlord that a person could ever have. You are caring, giving, patient and loyal to your tenants.
You always do the things that you say that you will do; and if not at that time, you will let the person know when you can, and then deliver.
I am always moving after a year, but I've been here about 5 ½ years because with a Landlord like you, who would want to move? I just want to thank you so much for the understanding, care, and patience you have shown to me and my family.

Thank you so much for all you've done,

Linda P...



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